Kevin’s Parties


Nudemanfest is currently experiencing some legal processes which, hopefully, will be determined in 2017. As a result, we cannot hold NudeManFest events for this season. This has been an unexpected situation for which we apologise for any inconvenience. Hopefully, NudeManFest will have no restrictions imposed for the next year. In the meantime there will be Kevin’s Private Parties which will take the place of NudeManFest this year. These parties will be held on the NudeManFest property and will be events for male nudists only.

Kevin’s Parties have become so popular over the years that we are now a private members club. Parties are not publically advertised, but will be advertised to members. The only party that will continue to be publically advertised is the Australia Day event, as it forms part of the Midsumma program.

Our members receive:

  • Notifications of private parties
  • Discounted tickets to parties
  • Discounted purchases from approved Kevin’s Parties suppliers
  • Updates and News on Kevin’s Parties
  • Promotions and other specials as they come to hand.

To become a member of Kevin’s Parties, you must identify as an adult male over the age of 18 years. We advise that we cannot accept membership from anybody who identifies as female or from minors.

Annual membership costs $15 and is valid for one calendar year from the date of payment. Once you sign up for membership, you will receive notification of upcoming events and a promotional code for discount tickets to events.

To sign up as a member, please click HERE.